Sonor SQ1 Series 20x16" Cruiser Blue Virgin Kick Bass Drum No Tom Mount Birch NEW Authorized Dealer

Sonor SQ1 Series 20x16" Cruiser Blue Virgin Kick Bass Drum No Tom Mount Birch NEW Authorized Dealer

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We are an Authorized Sonor Dealer - Full Manufacturer Warranty Included - You will receive:

One (1) New & Factory Sealed Sonor SQ1 20x16" Cruiser Blue Bass Kick Drum - No Mount - Model: SQ1-2016-BDNMH-CRB

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SONOR SQ1 Series Drums

When SONOR designs drums, their intention is to continuously improve the acoustic quality in any given situation. For SQ1, SONOR worked closely with Chris Coleman and other SONOR artists in the development of this new drum series. The SQ1 series snare features the same advanced design technology as the shell packs.
The Shell choice for SQ1 was birch because of its characteristic high end frequencies and clearly defined low-end. In blindfold tests SONOR tried many different types of shell construction, from pure birch to hybrid versions. The pure birch shell came out as a clear winner in all test situations.

Birch - The Secret Behind Acoustic Versatility
SQ1 drum shells are made of 100% European Birch. Because of its sound characteristics - balanced in low, mid and high - the Birch drum sound is very popular for studio recordings as well as live performances. When developing SQ1, Sonor tested several combinations of Birch-based shell materials. Sonor's conclusion was that pure Birch provided the most versatile sounding drum.
Sonor's unique CLTF "Cross Lamination Tension Free" and OSM "Optimum Shell Measurement" process (slightly narrowed outside shell measurement) provide excellent sustain and easy tuning.

CLTF - Cross Lamination Tension Free
Drum shells need to act as solid acoustic unities as the foundation for a great drum sound. We use cross-laminated plies of birch to form a perfectly round shell with great stability. Each ply is laminated at a 90° angle to allow for a shell that is tension-free. Sonor's tension-free shells would their shape even if they were cut in half from the batter side to the resonant side.

OSM - Optimum Shell Measurement
Our OSM shell construction (Optimum Shell Measurement) utilizes slightly undersized shell diameters to give the drum head the space to float freely, allowing unrestricted contact between the bearing edge and the drum head.


Shell Size: 20" x 16"
Shell Hardware Finish: Chrome Plated
Configuration: No Bass Drum Bracket
Series: SQ1
Shell Material: Birch
Hoop Finish: Matching, CRB Cruiser Blue
Shell Finish Outside: CRB Cruiser Blue

Made in Germany