AKG-Crown PCC170SWO PCC 170 SWO Professional Boundary Layer Microphone FREE 2-Day Ship | Auth Dealer

AKG-Crown PCC170SWO PCC 170 SWO Professional Boundary Layer Microphone FREE 2-Day Ship | Auth Dealer

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We are an Authorized AKG Dealer - Full Manufacturer Warranty Included - You will receive:

One (1) NEW & Factory Sealed PCC170SWO PCC 170 SWO Professional Boundary Layer Microphone Model: 3329H00010

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Free Ship via UPS or Fedex via 2 Day Air to Physical Street Address in Continental USA - Allow One Business Day to ship. If for example: You place your order on Monday, It will ship Tuesday and you will have delivery on Thursday.

Free Ship to Alaska & Hawaii - Allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery.


The PCC-170SWO is a surface-mounted supercardioid of professional quality. This handsomely styled unit is appropriate for use on the most elegant boardroom table or lectern. Other applications include churches, courtrooms and council chambers. Because of its highly directional pickup pattern, the PCC-170 SWO minimizes background noise and feedback. The microphone reproduces the voice with a clean, clear and natural sound

The user can turn the mic on and off by pressing a membrane switch on the mic. A pair of extra leads in the mic cable allow isolated remote sensing of the microphone switch closure. In a typical distance-learning application, a video camera would track to the person who switched on the microphone.

The mic can be set to be always on. In this mode, the switch only activates the remote sensing and LED. This is useful when using an external gated mixer (automatic mixer). Remote sensing is done by a patented opto-coupled MOS switching circuit. At the remote-sensing leads, the resistance goes low when the mic is on. The microphone is attenuated 70 dB when the switch is off.

Since the microphone capsule is placed on a boundary or surface, direct and reflected sounds arrive at the diaphragm in-phase. This coherent addition of direct and reflected waves increases sensitivity 6 dB and prevents phase cancellations. The mic capsule is small enough to ensure phase coherency up to the highest frequencies in the audible spectrum, resulting in a wide, smooth frequency response free of phase interference. Clarity and reach are also enhanced.

Self-contained electronics eliminate the need for an in-line preamp. Powered by 12-48 V phantom power, the PCC-170SW has a low-impedance balanced output which permits long cable runs without hum pickup or high-frequency loss. Self-noise is low and sensitivity is very high and an RFI suppression is included. A bass-tilt switch allows the user to tailor the low-end response for particular applications.


Polar pattern: supercardioid
Frequency range: 40 to 20,000 Hz
Impedance: 150 ohms
Sensitivity: 22 mV/Pa (-30dBV)
Equivalent noise level: 22 dB-A
Maximum SPL: 120 dB
Powering: 12 to 48 V phantom power to DIN/IEC
Cable: 4,6 m (15ft.)
Finish: Satin black
Net weight: 170 g (6 oz.)

AKG and Crown are both Harman-owned companies. Microphones manufactured by Crown are sold under the name AKG.